Callaghan Ravines

In one ravine-backing 353-unit condominium community, Rohit Communities has seamlessly blended apartments, townhomes, and duplexes that back directly onto Blackmud Creek Ravine surrounded by walking trails, parks, and green space.

Redefined multi-family living.

This development is recognized for its multi-generational approach where father, son, and grandfather can live in one community. Callaghan Ravines was designed with the “dark sky” movement in mind – a selection of hooded street lights that provide adequate lighting at street level, while minimizing the glare into the night sky. Lantern-inspired lamp standards further enhance the heritage resort theme.


While the floor plans are award-winning, it’s the key exterior elements that make this a sought-after address.

  • Special attention was paid to keeping parking underground and out of sight; the only above ground parking being the ample visitor parking.
  • Landscaped resting areas have been incorporated along the ravine pathway.
  • A variety of species of trees and shrubs have been chosen including evergreens, deciduous, and fruit-bearing to provide a visually pleasing array of diverse natural textures and colours, while existing spruce trees have been retained to add a mature quality to the landscaping design.
  • Callaghan Ravines uniquely features a putting green on site.
Award winning
Callaghan Ravines was the winner of the CHBA Alberta provincial award for Best Multi-Family Overall Development and a finalist for the Best Community Development at the National CHBA Awards.