Mental Health Foundation

Rohit Group is proud to support the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Alberta Mental Health Foundation in bringing a new Addiction and Mental Health 24/7 Access Centre to Edmonton.

About the New Care Centre

Currently, those seeking addiction and mental health support in the city must navigate several different routes in order attain support.  Located in Anderson Hall directly across from the Royal Alexandra Hospital’s Emergency Department, this new care centre will provide provide mental health support to residents in Edmonton and surrounding communities at all hours of the day.

Creating a
ripple effect
"We hope our investment will improve the lives of anyone for whom mental illness is an obstacle." - Krishna Gupta

A Passion for Community

As Matching Partner, Rohit Group of Companies has sponsored $50,000 towards a new 24/7 Access Mental Health Centre in Edmonton. As a local organization, Rohit Group looks to give back to the communities in which they live and build.  Thriving on innovation, they are proud to support other innovative strategies such as the introduction of this new mental health centre.