Rohit Communities Sponsors the Mental Health Foundation

May 28, 2010  – For the Rohit Group of Companies, and the Gupta family, giving back to the community is a heart-felt belief deeply rooted in our family values.

The silent suffering of young people dealing with mental health challenges is a largely unknown issue in our society. Through the Guru Goes Bollywood event, Rohit Group is grateful for the opportunity to help, by supporting programs and support systems funded by the Mental Health Foundation. The Foundation works to reverse the stigma associated with mental illness. For children and youth, this is paramount, as they are more sensitive to the opinions and perceptions of others.

At the Rohit Group of Companies, we strongly believe that by working together we can have a positive impact on children’s mental health help create a brighter future for young people who need to know that, as a community, we believe in them.

Krishna Gupta is supporting the “Guru Goes Bollywood Event” for the Mental Health Foundation on June 2, 2010 with an in kind donation including an all inclusive vacation to India complete with flexible tours. Taking place at the Guru Restaurant in Edmonton tickets are $250 per guest (50% charitable tax receipt).

Visit the Mental Health Foundation for more information about how you can help.