Baskets of Hope

Baskets of Hope is an event that collects donations – both monetary and in-kind – for women and children in need by partnering with local charities.

How Baskets of Hope Works

In the weeks leading up to the event, we collect the donations at our Rohit offices. We ask that the evening’s attendees bring twelve “luxury” items that will make the women receiving our help feel loved and nourished. The charities that we partner with take care of the essential items, and we aim to add that little extra that the women wouldn’t be likely to purchase themselves.

Touching hearts
& showing care
Our aim is to help women and children in need feel valued and cared for.

Small Act, Huge Impact

Collectively we can make a much larger impact than we ever could on our own. Throughout the years, Baskets of Hope has shown us that. As the event grows into new cities, so does the donation we make. We’ve grown from 12 women and 12 baskets in Dianne’s home to over 150 people volunteering and giving generously.

Over the years we have created over 1,000 baskets for the women of WIN House in Edmonton.