Rohit Commercial

Rohit Commercial is an Edmonton-based commercial real estate company with commercial assets throughout Western Canada.

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and quality
We understand the importance of location and building desirable properties for businesses and residents alike.

About Us

Rohit Commercial locates, acquires, designs, builds, and manages properties including residential, office, industrial, and retail spaces that have expanded amongst many regions. Rohit uses its vast land bank to create high quality leasing opportunities integrated into where people live, work, and play with the craftsmanship of an experienced builder.

Development Expertise

Our expertise garnered through residential development has allowed for a smooth expansion into the commercial property business. Rohit Commercial is able to harness its design prowess, construction knowledge, and industry partnerships to easily break through the market space. This proficiency coupled with an innate ability to choose key building locations is a major factor in Rohit Commercial’s success.

  • Partnerships with industry leaders.
  • Tilt-up construction experience for increased value, flexibility, speed and durability.
  • Over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of gross leaseable space within the Edmonton area.
  • Build-to-suit services for both office and retail tenants with specific requirements.