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We encourage

Risk-taking and confidence to make decisions are the underpinning of our success.

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We operate
with ingenuity

We conduct business with an entrepreneurial spirit. Drive, perseverance and grit is how we roll.

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We never lose our community focus

A community-first approach leads to meaningful change, big and small. We leave our mark through our actions.

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We harness the strength of our people

Empowering employees to reach their full potential because we know we are stronger as a collective sum of our parts.


A brave history

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The beginning

Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, Radhe and Krishna seize an opportunity to build their first Rohit home (which still stands today) in the beautiful Meadows community.

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Rooted in partnership

While working in Libya, Radhe partners with an award-winning adult community builder to set up the company's construction arm—a venture that demonstrating Rohit’s early commitment to strong partnerships and the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven the business from the beginning.

Rohit business centre from parking lot view.

Some call it luck

Recognizing its growth and location potential, Radhe takes a gamble and acquires a building—despite a few quirks. Trusting his instincts after a failed sale, he holds onto the property and later sells Gallery 51 for 14x the acquisition price, turning a potential disaster into an incredible gain for Rohit.

Front view of new house with double garage.

From boom to bust… & back

After strategically navigating a hot market, Rohit doubles its market share in Edmonton amid the following recession by making brave moves to acquire new assets, including significant advancements in Fort McMurray.

Aerial view of community Houses in community

The Fort McMurray Venture

Rohit expands its land development arm after winning the bid for two sites in Parsons Creek. Through strategy, guts, and grit, the group successfully brings 300 lots to market before Halloween that same year.

Rohitians with shovels breaking ground. Person smiling and leaning on rail on steps of house.

Expansion into Calgary & Saskatchewan

Building on nearly three decades of accomplishments in Edmonton, Rohit moves into Saskatchewan and strengthens its presence in Alberta after securing projects and establishing teams in Calgary and Saskatchewan. This expansion began as Rohit wound down its long run in Fort McMurray.

Aerial view of building being framed.

The 99-Day Build

Rohit introduces a groundbreaking new build form to the Alberta market with its innovative “Essential” townhome line. Challenging the standard 11 to 12-month build time, Rohit completes the first building in just 99 days with impressive precision.

Designer kitchen Designer living room

Boring beige is OUT

Rohit Homes transforms its processes and sets a new market standard by introducing six distinct, break-the-mould Designer Interiors™—an innovation achieved through incredible team collaboration organization-wide.

Two phones displaying the Rohit Homes App.

From adversity to advantage

Rohit quickly turns challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation during the pandemic’s global market volatility and slumping housing prices. They swiftly transition to remote work in one day, pivot to invest in new assets, launch the “My Rohit Home” app to facilitate online sales, and partner with Covenant Health to form the foundation of Rohit Health.

Meet our leaders

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We never lose our community focus.

Community is at the core of who we are. Every project we take on and every decision we make is guided by our commitment to positively impacting the communities we serve.

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Our workspaces are brave by design.

Designed for excellence

Inspired by an “East meets West” theme as a nod to our roots, Rohit’s offices are executed with functional layouts, vibrant murals, first-class amenities, and latest technologies. Each space reflects our commitment to design excellence and an investment in the experience of our growing national team.

A national presence

Since 1986, Rohit has grown across Canada as a diversified, vertically integrated real estate enterprise with over $1 billion in assets. Our innovative solutions and industry-leading expertise extend to every corner of the country, delivering unmatched value from coast to coast.


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