Baskets for Hope volunteering

At Rohit, we’re serious about doing good. Since our start, the spirit of community has been embedded in our daily actions and remains at the heart of everything we do.

Baskets of Hope

Founded in 2010 by Krishna Gupta and Dianne Young, Baskets of Hope is an annual event to support WIN House in its mission of helping women, non-binary individuals, and children escape domestic violence. From just 12 women packing holiday gift baskets, this initiative has grown to over 100 volunteers gathering yearly to create beautiful care packages. To date, the Rohit team has made and delivered over 1,100 baskets, each a reminder to survivors that they are worthy, loved, and resilient.

Do Gooders posing for photo wearing Blue Do Good shirts

Community cleanups

At Rohit, we believe in taking action to make our communities better, which is why we started with the community cleanups, a collective effort to rejuvenate local areas. Volunteers from around the community unite to improve the appearance of our neighbourhoods by removing litter and debris from streets, parks, and public spaces. This initiative fosters community pride and strengthens bonds, as seen in recent activities at Arbours at Keswick, where volunteers gathered over 20 bags of garbage and collected significant donations from homeowners for Goodwill Industries of Alberta. In Glenridding Heights, youth sports teams joined us in cleanups and landscaping, earning donations for their teams in return. Together, we’re not just cleaning up—we’re building a stronger, more connected community.

Newcomer Centre

The Newcomer Centre (formerly Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers) serves roughly 12,000 newcomers and refugees each year through 26 diverse programs and services. After supporting the organization with a significant stabilizing donation, the Newcomer Centre renamed its English learning centre for refugees and immigrants to “The Gupta Newcomer Resource Centre” in honour of Rohit Group’s founders, Radhe and Krishna Gupta. Like the beginnings of many Rohitians, this centre connects newcomers from around the world with important services including settlement support, childcare, mental health resources, educational programs, employment readiness courses, and vocational training.

Backpacks filled with care

This heartfelt initiative provides necessities to unhoused individuals. For the past 10 years, Rohitians have gathered to fill backpacks with essential items like socks, sweaters, protein bars, water bottles, and hygiene products for those in need. In support of local shelters like YESS and the Bissell Centre, we have distributed over 1,100 portable care packages, sharing small comforts directly with those experiencing homelessness.

Colourful backpacks for homeless and people holding them
Colourful backpacks for homeless

Local food banks

During the holiday season, we push extra hard for food bank donations. We actively incorporate our drives into events and encourage staff members to bring non-perishable food items to team-building activities, seasonal parties, and company gatherings. Initially focused on Edmonton and often paired with a winter clothing drive, our team strives to come together to give generously back to the communities we’re a part of. As we’ve expanded into Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Ottawa, our food bank drive has grown too, even sparking some friendly competition among teams. Every collective effort to support food insecurity in our community truly reflects the Rohitian way.

Rohitians sorting food to give away

Building stronger communities

Our work affects the way people live their daily lives—and we don’t take that lightly. We believe that what we build should positively impact the world around us and make life better for people now and in the future. Our approach puts community first so everyone can feel better about where they live, work, and play.

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