Community Health Centre coming in 2025

The first of its kind in Alberta, the Covenant Wellness Community will bring together the health and wellness services Albertans need to live and age well in one location. This partnership with Covenant Health will create a 190,000 sf mixed-use development that will innovate the approach to healthcare development. Phase 1 includes the Community Health Centre, which is set to be complete in 2025.

3D rendering of proposed Covenant Wellness Centre entrance.
3D rendering inside proposed Covenant Wellness Centre.
3D rendering of proposed Covenant Wellness Centre.

Building a healthier Alberta, together

In collaboration with a leading industry partner, Covenant Health, the 11.2-acre Covenant Wellness Community in southeast Edmonton links an innovative model of healthcare delivery into a comprehensive mixed-use community. This unique approach integrates various health resources including medical and surgical clinics, outpatient mental health, diabetes education, cardiac rehabilitation and other services in one convenient location, setting a new standard for holistic healthcare and community living in Alberta.

Aerial view of construction of Covenant Wellness Centre.
3D rendering topology of proposed buildings on street map.

Bringing vision to reality

The Rohit team applies its specialized expertise to support Covenant’s vision of developing innovative community-based health and wellness services. On complex healthcare development projects, Rohit acts as a collaborative infrastructure partner with proven experience in facilitating the design and development process, managing consulting and planning requirements, and ensuring constructability and budget alignment to meet financial targets.

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3D rendering of Covenant Health building.

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