Bold leadership
drives us.

Radhe Gupta Founder

Krishna Gupta Founder

Rohit Gupta President

Adil Kodian Executive Vice President | Rohit Homes

Luciano Salvador Executive Vice President | Rohit Communities

Russell Dauk Executive Vice President | Income Producing Properties

Sonam Donkar Executive Vice President | Finance

Chris MacKinnon Vice President | Rohit Homes, Ottawa

Doug VandenBrink Vice President | Rohit Communities

Portrait of Gordon

Gordon Vindevoghel Vice President | Rohit Homes, Saskatchewan

Jag Mehta Vice President | Rohit Homes, Edmonton

Mario Shaker Vice President, Project Management Office | Rohit Homes

Michael Dziubina Vice President | Rohit Homes, Calgary

Portrait of Nathan

Nathan Walters Vice President | Marketing

Rudy Roopnarine Vice President | Rohit Commercial

Advisory board

Portait of R. Scott Hutcheson

Guy Bridgeman Chair

Portait of R. Scott Hutcheson

R. Scott Hutcheson Member of Advisory Board

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