YAYbourhood is Rohit Group’s feel-good initiative. It was created after a small act of kindness created a ripple effect of joy that we were able to watch spread throughout the city.

Why It Matters

YAYbourhood is about spreading cheer in our community – whether that be your family and friends, your workplace, your neighbourhood, or your city!  Big or small, positive actions can create change that lasts.

Spreading joy
& cheer
At Rohit Group, we take pride in building neighbourhoods that make people happy.

The Beginning of YAYbourhood

The smile initiative was born from a small act that created a ripple effect of joy that spread throughout the city.  In 2015, our Rohit team decided to spread some joy on Happiness Day to those residents who bought homes in our community.  At 6 am in the morning, we gave out free coffees to residents leaving for work, and then once they left, dropped happiness packages off on their doorsteps.

From this small act, YAYbourhood was born.  Since then, we’ve surprised and delighted thousands of Edmontonians at events big and small throughout the city. You might have seen us at Folk Fest, Pride Parade, Ronald McDonald House, or even showing up on your street!