Baskets of Hope Continues on in 2020

November 10, 2020

In a year where many things changed, one stayed the same: Rohit Group’s commitment to host the annual Baskets of Hope drive in support of Edmonton’s WIN House.

Basket’s of Hope started as a charitable initiative in 2010 when Rohit’s co-founder Krishna Gupta was invited for an evening at her friend Dianne Young’s home. Dianne had an idea to invite 12 women to bring 12 luxurious, self-care type items and create 12 baskets to be delivered to the women at WIN House during the holiday season. Every year since then the growing community has gathered at Rohit’s corporate head office for an evening of support, inspiration, and connection with the intention of helping women and children get back on their feet while feeling precisely how they should feel – valued and cared for.

Last year marked a decade for this initiative and the milestone of over 1,000 “Baskets of Hope” for WIN House.

Knowing the need was more important this year than ever, Baskets of Hope pivoted into a “Donation Drive Thru Drop-Off” at the Rohit Group office where generous donations – both monetary and in kind – were accepted by smiling faces behind the masks. In addition, an online “Guess the Candies” fundraiser was hosted where all ticket sales would go directly to the WIN House.

With the support of the community, this year 117 Baskets of Hope were donated to the WIN House with over $5,500 raised through the fundraiser and donations.

This year we also re-connected with many of the women involved with Baskets of Hope to share why this initiative is so important, find the video here:

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