Muttart Urban District has a new Name: Stadium Yards

Muttart Urban District is now Stadium Yards – Live Connected

October 04, 2019

The Story:

The site is a 7 Acre mixed use urban village that will welcome an additional 1500-2000 residents, with a commercial main street and parks. Situated next to the Stadium LRT Station, future residents will benefit from transit and pedestrian oriented lifestyle. The site is walking distance to Kinnaird Ravine, Dawson Park, the North Saskatchewan River valley, Commonwealth Recreation Centre and nearby amenities like grocery.

The History:

Former Muttart Lumber Yard, CN Railyard Corridor and located next to Commonwealth Stadium’s 110 yards. The site itself is situated next to the Stadium LRT stop on the Metro line.

Stadium Yards Icon:

The icon mirrors the urban architectural elements of Commonwealth Stadium, the connection to rail by the LRT Station, and the history of the Muttart lumber yard.

Existing Parks and Roads:

Gladys Edith Muttart Park, Merrill Davis Muttart Park and Muttart Crossing named after the Muttart family, will retain their names referencing the history of the Muttart Lumber Yard and legacy of the family.

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