Rohit Group makes its first mark in Ottawa market

June 21, 2023

Rohit is one of the newest homebuilders on the block and is already establishing itself as a strong and trusted presence in Ottawa’s residential market.

Today, Rohit broke ground on its inaugural Ottawa-area project, The Level at Bells Corners, located on 42 Northside Rd. At the event, Rohit donated $3,500 to FAMSAC, a local charity that operates in Bells Corners, providing emergency food assistance for people in need.

“We are proud of the stellar reputation Rohit Group has earned in Western Canada over the last four decades, and we are confident we can deliver the same results in Ottawa,” says Radhe Gupta, CEO. “The Ottawa and Ontario markets are diverse, growing, and offer significant opportunities that align with our expertise and affirm our intentions to become a long-standing member of this community.”

Rohit brings substantial expertise and innovation to residential construction. Headquartered in Edmonton, Rohit operates in eight Canadian markets, including Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Saskatoon. They develop more than one million square feet of construction annually and started homes for more than 1,500 families in the last year alone. Rohit’s contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed, as they have been named four-time Builder of the Year in Edmonton and received a prestigious Award for Industry Leadership five years running.

The demand for upscale rentals at an affordable price point is the driving force behind The Level, a sophisticated and long-awaited addition in the community of Bells Corners. This five-storey 51-unit purposefully designed and professionally managed rental complex, complete with a two-level underground garage, EV charging stations and ample bike parking, is an ideal choice and location for urban professionals. Surrounded by nature and recreation opportunities, The Level at Bells Corners also boasts nearby shopping, great transit connectivity, and easy access to both the city and Kanata’s high-tech core.

“The Level is going to appeal to prospective residents on a number of fronts. Every unit offers convenient in-suite laundry, a private outdoor space, generous windows, and access to a lounge and gym area,” says Erik Rossmann, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Rossmann Architecture, who collaborated with Rohit on this project. “Rohit’s years of experience and agile approach is evident in their ability to maximize and innovate every square foot of the project. Future renters are going to benefit from their smart design and commitment to quality.”

With market needs similar to those in many Western Canadian cities, and its growth in demand for residential units still outpacing the strong growth in supply, Ottawa is a perfect fit for Rohit’s continued expansion.

Recent data released by Statistics Canada shows Ontario has the lowest share of residential properties owned by investors, at a time when the number of new permanent residents who plan to settle in the Ottawa area climbed by nearly 50% in the first three quarters of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

“We see purpose-built rentals (or PBRs) as an increasingly important and attractive option for people seeking flexible but stable housing alternatives,” explains Gupta. “PBRs appeal to residents who want the sense of community that comes with longer-term residencies, the security of highly responsive management teams, and the quality of life that comes from higher-end finishes and engaging amenity plans.”

The stick-frame construction of The Level allows Rohit to make good on its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction. With a smaller carbon-footprint than steel, glass and concrete construction, stick-frame (also referred to as wood-frame) structures also act as a carbon store, which keeps greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

“Rohit is proud to be part of the movement towards taller stick-frame development and the benefits they afford both the construction industry and the future occupants of these buildings,” says Akash Sinha, Director of Acquisitions and Developments in Ottawa. “We are strong proponents of lean construction and appreciate how the wood framing and prefabricated wood panels can create significant efficiencies that we can pass on as cost-savings.”

The Level at Bells Corners will be delivered through collaboration with many local and regional partners and trades, including Rossman Architecture, Kollaard Associates Inc., Cleland Jardine Engineering and D-Squared Construction.

“Rohit views The Level at Bells Corners as its first of many contributions to the Ottawa-Gatineau region,” says Sinha. “The company has established a permanent office in the community and is projecting the construction of at least 900 units over the next six years. We are especially looking forward to sharing details on Rohit’s next project, The Horizons at Crystal Bay. We believe this flagship development will continue to build on what we achieve with The Level and will cement our place in the Ottawa market.”