A Bold Move: Rohit’s New Headquarters in Downtown Edmonton

In a significant milestone, Rohit has made a bold move in relocating the headquarters to One Twelve Campus off Jasper Avenue in downtown Edmonton. This transformation is not merely a change of address; it signifies a commitment to creating a workspace that prioritizes Rohitians while the company expands further as a national real estate organization.

A New Beginning for the Rohit Team

The new office represents a space designed to reinvest into the team by incorporating thoughtful space utilization and enhanced technology. This new space is packed with top-tier amenities, featuring ergonomic sit-stand workstations for every team member and 14 sound-insulated meeting rooms that can accommodate groups ranging from 4 to over 12 individuals. Each meeting room is also equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual capabilities to collaborate with the team nation-wide, with walls adorned with colorful murals that follow an “East meets West” theme that weaves the vibrant Rohit narrative into the surroundings. Whether it’s a business meeting, project kick-off or introductions with new partners, these spaces reflect the company’s rich history as new paths are forged.

One of the standout features of the main floor is the spacious staff gathering area, equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen, large-format presentation capabilities, diverse seating options, and a video game lounge. This building also prioritizes staff well-being, offering a brand-new gym with locker rooms and showers, secure bike storage for commuters, and an outdoor gathering area.

Embracing Growth and Community Connection

Spanning across 3 floors in One Twelve Campus with downtown views, strategically relocating the team here gives proximity to valued partners, stakeholders, and new clients. This move aims to foster business opportunities in alignment with the vision of enriching communities across North America and the additional space allows accommodations for more top talent to join Rohit’s ranks.

A Journey, Not Just a Destination

This move is the latest step in our Rohit’s transformation and is a part of an ongoing vision to extend and enrich communities across North America. This downtown presence signifies a commitment to making a positive impact on the communities they are a part of, reflecting a dedication that has extended across decades. Stay tuned for more as our national brand rollout continues. 

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